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Benefits of Using an IP Phone

The importance of communication cannot be downplayed in today’s world. Verbal communication is the most important aspect of communication. And it is for this reason that many devices have been invented and based on many different technologies.

One of the devices that have become very popular today is the IP phone. This phone is based on VoIP communication. This is very easy to use since communication is made possible over the internet using a computer.

IP phones are widely used today and for the main reason that VoIP technology is a very simple technology. In this technology, voice is converted into digital signals and vice versa. An IP phone can be likened to a regular phone with a dial pad, a handset, and a display screen, although most VoIP phones can be access through your computer. The handset of this IP phone contains a sound card that is linked to your PC. Sometimes IP phones are directly connected to a router which will enable your phone to be linked to you entire communication network. Even if you just have a soft phone on your computer, with a wireless router, you will be able to communicate with the entire communication network. If you have a VoIP, then you IP phone is enabled to communicate to every phone in your entire communication network.

Business tools, call managing tools and other services according to your communication requirements are some of the features of an IP phone. Call forwarding , call blocking, call waiting, conference calls, local number portability, fax, last number redial facility, are just some of the features of an IP phone. With an IP phone, your voice mails, caller ID , and contact list are tracked.

Compared to other forms of communication, IP phone has more benefits. Communication from your business and from your home is a lot easier with IP phones. Conversing with people all over the globe has become easier with an IP phone. Internet based communication is the cheapest means of communication. It is free except for the monthly internet fee that you need to pay to your internet provide.

Two people can communicate over a regular telephone. With the IP phone, you can have a conference call involving more than two people in the conversation without any hindrances. IP phone can also have extensions, and it is possible to handle more than one call on one access line. With the use of compressed bandwidth, continuous transmission is achieved.

The portability of IP Phone has made it very popular today. You can stay at home at gain access to your office or business through your IP phone. You can also put in an auto-attendant. Diverting local and international calls is possible with IP technology. With the use of an adapter, you regular telephone can be transformed into an IP phone.

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