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Maintaining the Appearance of Your Vehicle

Among all the properties that are owned by people, cars are the hardest to maintain because they lose their value very fast, it’s even proven that the value of a car decreases by ten percent right after its driven out of the showroom when its bought. A vehicle’s external part a is the one that registers the most damage because it’s the one that is exposed to various destructive elements. Many car owners do not stay with one vehicle for more than ten years and to make sure that they do not sell their current cars at throw away prices then they should take action and maintain them to the best of their abilities.

Waxing is a common way of protecting your car’s original paint job from elements like sand and pebbles when your car is in motion and from rain and heat when parked, however, it should be applied every 3 to 4 months to do its job properly. Despite its advantages, waxing is not really advised since it becomes sticky when its exposed to the sun for a long period of time thus attracting dust and other particles, when its waxed again the dust and particles become fixated permanently affecting the appearance of your car.

The alternative for waxing is a clear bra paint protection, a thin film of urethane coating that goes over the hood, fenders, side mirrors, bumper, headlights and grill of the car protecting it from sun, dirt, hail and other elements. The fact that the clear bra is virtually invincible and wont distort the original paint job applied to your car.

Another way to maintain the original appearance of your vehicle is by putting seat covers for your seat so that they may not be ruined when they are spilled on or from excessive heat waves. For tires, checking their pressure levels when it’s extremely hot or cold is important to maintain their appearance and when they are worn out its best to replace them.

By keeping your car in the drive instead of the garage at night you are contributing to its destruction because at night all the moisture that is mixed with polluted gases settles on the ground and if your car is in the drive, it will be affected. Washing your car on a regular basis is another sure way to maintain its appearance because all dirt and contaminants will not have a chance to remain on your car.

Window tints protect your car from external from harmful ultra violet rays from the sun that could fade and dry your interior. It’s not uncommon for cars to have small dents and dings on the exterior, this makes your car look old and dilapidated hence it’s important to have them removed periodically. To sum up, maintenance of vehicles is an important habit to adopt.

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